Parveen’s Priorities


1.  Keep Schools Safe

  • Keeping our students safe from gun violence in schools
  • Creating inclusive schools that protect all students from bullying

2.  Improve the Education Experience For All Students

  • Creating curriculum focused on education that will prepare our students for jobs of the future
  • Renewing our commitment to special education for students of all abilities
  • Prioritizing early education and after-school programs to close the achievement gap
  • Providing school-based physical and mental health care for all students, regardless of income or immigration status
  • Making college and career pathways accessible and affordable for every type of student
  • Keeping kids in school and out of the criminal justice system


 3. Be fiscally responsible with school funding. 

  • Prioritize funding to provide schools and educators with the resources they need
  • Transparency in public education funding
  • Improve current facilities
  • Plan for construction of additional facilities to relieve impacted campuses and to get ahead of upcoming development



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